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our mission statement

Inviting you to experience, grow in, and share a real relationship with Jesus.

If you are reading these words right now, then we're inviting you into a real relationship with the very God who made you, knows you better than you know yourself, and loves you more deeply than you can imagine. We believe it's the core of why we were made, the center of our purpose—to know Jesus and to live this life in response to the love He has shown us.


We're inviting you to experience that relationship for yourself. Our God is alive and active –– He meets us in real ways when we worship, pray, study His Word, and take other steps of faith. He forgives us, guides us, teaches us, frees us, and challenges us.


We're inviting you to grow in that relationship. Walking with God is a journey better described by words like "faith" and "process" than words like "merit" or "achievement". Jesus continually calls us forward to become more like Him and to follow Him. We want to equip you to do that.


And we're inviting you to share that relationship with others. Jesus is simply too good to keep to ourselves. We're not just a church for those who know Him already. We're here to show and tell others about the amazing grace we have found, and to extend this inviting process again and again and again.


The invitation's open. Will you join us?

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our values

While our beliefs will show you how we are grounded —the central truths that we build upon for everything else —our values speak of those areas we feel especially called to emphasize.


Our beliefs are our foundation, but our values guide our approach. At The Restoration Point, we've phrased our values as actions—– they describe who we want to be and what we commit to doing.


Here they are.




There are a lot of rights ways to do things. None of them is without love. Love goes first, last, and everywhere in between—but not just any old love. God shows and tells us what true love looks like through His Word and actions.




We're interested in growth, learning, and yes, even change. We will follow Jesus wherever He leads, and also guide others into the practice of following Him.




No one journeys alone. We will love, care for, forgive, support, and encourage one another,—strengthening each other on our faith journeys. Everyone, from the oldest to the youngest, has an important role to play. We greatly value children here! We are truly a church for all generations.


Our worship services, small groups, and events are never just about us. We will constantly pray for and prepare for guests, who are always welcome in our gatherings.




When Jesus physically returned to heaven, He promised that He would send His Holy Spirit to live not just with us, but in us—– empowering us to live for Him, tell others about Him, and make the Church into all we are supposed to be. We welcome the Holy Spirit's presence in worship, receive the gifts that He gives to build up the Church, and earnestly seek out the life change that He loves to make when we respond to Him.




We want the compassion of Jesus to flow through us to the real places where people are broken, confused, hurting, and alone in our world today. We value and deeply care about important issues in our culture – this extends to many important issues, including Racial Reconciliation.



You should see this from us often – inside and outside the walls of our building. We will serve, we will love, we will testify, we will multiply. Because the world needs to know its Savior.

want to learn more?

If you're interested in learning more about who we are and the denomination we come from, we invite you to check out Open Bible's This We Believe page:

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